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 +{{ :​siaz_totem.jpg?​200|}}In the late 1980'​s,​ [[powell_peralta|Powell Peralta]] had an established vert team that was maxed out with the likes of Tony Hawk, [[steve_caballero|Steve Caballero]],​ Mike McGill and [[lance_mountain|Lance Mountain]]. In an effort to expand the companies pro roster to include the growing "​Street-Style"​ market, they began adding new "​street"​ pros. After [[tommy_guerrero|Tommy Guerrero]] it was [[mike_vallely|Mike Vallely]], then [[ray_barbee|Ray Barbee]]. The fourth Powell-Peralta Street pro to receive a deck model was Long Beach local, Steve Saiz. His Native American "totem pole" graphic was the second illustrated by newly acquired artist Sean Cliver in 1989. Saiz continued to skate for [[powell_peralta|Powell-Peralta]] into the early 1990's until his knee unfortunately gave out.
 +Originally Released: 1989 - Artwork by: Sean Cliver
 +Width: 10" x Length: 30.81" - Wheelbase: 15"
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